Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Were you the one who used the loo
Left the seat up and also some poo
Why didn't you flush that shit
Were you looking for me to eat it

Was it you that they call a hag
Or just because you are on the rag
Pull up your panties and bear the brunt
Call me when it is not that time of the month


Yes it was me at the commode
Did that make you shoot a load
I ran out of toilet paper
So I had to clean it with a scraper

Don't talk about my tampon
It gives me a cramp on
Don't bother calling me either
I am dating Michelle Pfeiffer

Sunday, April 19, 2009

To the gallows.....

Killing as a form of justice?

No, because it's archaic and not justice, just like capital punishment isn't. If I had my way, I rather see them suffer being alive than going out the easy way.

The link between justice and capital punishment does not exist. And it is revenge; the whole criminal justice system is based on revenge.

People on death row spend plenty of time in prison before their time comes. In fact the prisoners work for their daily bread. The goal of prisons is not only for them to be self-sustaining, but also for them to be able to make a profit. This is known as "The Prison Industrial Complex".

So the taxpayers obviously have no problem with the current system. Is it a burden then? If it were such a burden, would we want all prisoners killed?

We individualise crime and blame criminals for the problems. Instead of looking at what causes crime. Unless we think all prisoners are psychopaths that bleed the system?

Furthermore, most countries no longer use capital punishment? Because it violates universal standards of justice. What does killing someone do for people? Make them feel good? Feel like revenge was served?

The criminal will be alive for a while anyways even if they were on death row while the victim is dead. Yet people can change and reform, and believe it or not, a murderer is more likely to reform than a regular street criminal.

What do families of the victims want? A say and a voice, in the justice process. They are marginalised by the current system that is based on revenge.

Victims want the power to forgive, yes forgiveness. Being angry and making someone die does not alleviate your anger.

Psychopaths are a problem. They are the dangerous few for which prisons were designed to keep the rest of society safe. Yet we treat all criminals in the same way as the dangerous few by sending them to prison. We need to address criminogenic conditions.

The offender has trespassed against society. Crimes harm society; it is more than just an individual phenomenon.

But should we punish the offender on behalf of the victim? So why cant we forgive on behalf of the victim as well? It’s called restorative justice. A lot of aboriginal communities practice this form of justice all over the world.

Rehab for psychopaths has not been properly established. It can actually be more of a problem because psychopaths learn more ways to manipulate the system. But who is a psychopath? There are different methods used as an actuarial tool used to define psychopathy, but it is neither exact nor properly used. Certain people are incorrectly labelled as dangerous offenders and are subsequently treated unjustly as psychopaths even though they aren't.

For example, sentencing circles are based on the premise that more than one person is hurt by an offence. The community gets to together with the offender to find an appropriate sentence. Repairing harm done is the goal.

Capital punishment isn't a deterrent to offenders. Countries and places with capital punishment do not have lower homicide rates than those without capital punishment. Cutting off hands for stealing doesn't solve the problem of theft (of food).

And as much as people would like the death penalty to be seen as a general deterrent (its obviously a specific one because it kills the offender) it isn't.

Most research argues that it isn't a deterrent. We can compare homicide rates between places with and without the death penalty and we will see that places without it for the most part have lower homicide rates.

But there are more things at work than just laws that influence crime, especially homicide, and it would be very ignorant to think otherwise.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ok, i am fed up.

that is all i had to say

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ello there, i haven't been blogging for a while now. Well, i aint super busy but more just plain bored.
But, perhaps the worse is that i am not inspired by anything any more. Well, lately i decided that i needed some change ( i got a 5 X 100). Sorry had to get that joke in. Please do not throw stuff at the page now.
So, i told myself to be more positive ( some people just died in shock right now ). But, don't be afraid, i am not turning this place into a happy place. I just realised that none of it is worth it.
I am a miserable soul and have come to love it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's in a name? Everything

Dhruv Tikka
Saturday, December 27, 2008 11:05 IST
Circa 2008 -- Adolf Hitler is denied getting his name iced on a birthday cake by the local supermarket. His siblings Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler are crying because their brother cannot have a nice birthday party.
I'm not talking about the Fuhrer or the supporters of the Third Reich but the fact that daft parents ruin their children's lives by christening them with such ridiculous names. I would rather be called Pilot Inspektor than anything related to that genocidal maniac.
Oh, but what is in a name Dhruv, asks some fool. Everything is in a name. Shakespeare couldn't get more unreasonable than this.
A supermarket is defending itself for refusing to a write out three-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell's name on his birthday cake. Deborah Campbell, 25, of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, said she phoned in her order to the Greenwich ShopRite. When she told the bakery department she wanted her son's name spelled out, she was told to talk to a supervisor, who denied the request. Karen Meleta, a ShopRite spokeswoman, said the store has denied similar requests from the Campbells the last two years, including a request for a swastika.
Now those so-called 'free thinkers' will start talking about free thought and free speech. Really? That is nothing but a load of BS. I am sure li'l Adolf Hitler Campbell will grow up to be truly balanced individual. Their parents either have a sick sense of humour or are just plain sick.
Like primates, proud parents tend to show-off their children. "He's/she's so cute," I hear folks talking abut li'l Adolf. Even a hyena pup is cute to start with. Then it grows up to become a scavenger. But at least it is honest about it. Cuteness is visual deception aboutform and those big innocent eyes can often hide a vicious future. But most of allthey hide a tabula rasa waiting to be scribbled upon.
Is there any doubt that Hitler was cute as a child? Can we be sure those villians,we love to hate, were not once endearingand full of untapped potential andunbridled hope and....cute?
If you name your children Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation, you do that fully prepared that you are going to get stick with it, and that your children may suffer as a consequence.
By naming their children so, they have directly affected another person's life and crossed a certain line. They deserve everything that comes their way. Partly because they are thick as two short planks, one suspects.
One can imagine cute li'l Adolf having a wonderful time playing passing-the-parcel with Mao, Lenin and Stalin.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I drank myself to drown
With a happy smiley
Upside down
Cold, betrayed, tormented
None of the above faded
The mother's child traded
Left shredded around
Had i seen worse?
Memories on purr
Remembering the good days
Wondering about her
Still i ponder on
Cradle tumbled and fell
Nothing more to say
Just have a lice day

Monday, September 29, 2008

Psyco at work

Shits hit the fan
Shortie’s on flan
Food’s all kosher
Pancakes for dinner
Fag’s a tramp
Disc’s off beat
Buddha’s a treat
Mantis’ with cleave
Geek’s a creep
Lad’s on front seat
Poet’s on lead

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Evening, sunshine

The green eyed monster
Ugly faced women
Men who smoulder
The yes men galore
Black, white and Red
Nah, no Russian tv set
Oh, the new kid
On a power trip
Behold his sanctity
Be afraid, be troubled
Not why I sold my soul
We are just like this
As calm as a bomb
Watching us fly away
Beating the fleet
Of new release
Flower boy enters
Backs at pretty me
Send my whole away
Stumble and crumble
Shake away those tears
Cause I will not come home
Can’t you see me?
Left, front and centre
Speak the truth
You are petrified of me
Hanging out the other side
I am Jack’s heartbroken mind
Don’t be yourself
You are nothing but a disgrace
You are all scum of society
Nothing more but futility
All bastard of a dying breed
No respect for you
Absolutely none
I will conquest
Sooner than later

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Won't you light my way? i am not afraid to tell you i need you today.

Who are we to question faith? Are we on the verge of immaculate completeness that we will not sacrifice our egos for the ones we wholeheartedly love? We are waiting to rise from being bottom feeders in this unforgiving society to well versed pawns of the same.

We will suffer for our faults, wrongdoings and bad deeds. But, of course our sacrifices will not go wasted. There is no inheritance of loss even though the world may say on the contrary. Don't be alarmed if you smirk at something the so called people of this world hold sacred.

Now we know you will not hate them as the blaze of fire did not hurt you as you walked onto the cold. We cannot mend the pasts, but the future looks blood red. I need your love to hold me from falling into oblivion.
The fishermen looked for trout, but all they found was doubt.

I stretched my aching body to complete horizontalness, I was finally returning home. A place I had memories, both bad and good. But it was home and I was satisfied to be back. Back amongst the people who loved me despite my very faults that made them despise me. Funny bunch, the family is. Honour above all? Or as we have been taught – side with what you think is right. Even if it means that your close ones suffer.

As she poured water from the jaro, the ingredients came afloat only to be stirred back down.

This is so in life as well. Give little; get much—this is the motto most follow. But, some would say give none, get much. These two people can be trusted. For those who say, give all, stay away from such falsity. They are the chum of society. For they are contradicting themselves as they will take your last penny.

And as you dance with death everyday, remember the reaper will eventually win the battle of evermore.

So, does that stop you from living? Of course it does. Why else would we fear death? Even though it is the only thing inevitable. We can cheat our end, but we will have to pay for our mortality. The insecurity makes you feel distant and obscure. So, what is worth living you ask? Love is, both living and dying. This is the end, my beautiful friend.

Could I get some reprise or will I have to earn it some more?

There is no way I welcome old age. I am better off vanished into thin air before father time thought I’d get another run. One is more than enough. I can see how proud you were to fight for your freedom that unrolled and made you change your ways. Then all you did was cry, to why you had not been alert earlier. I did heed a warning, but for you to call me a fool. This fool will not laugh at you the way you and others did. For he will not stoop that low. He will not cry foul, though he should have a long time ago.

They envied his callousness and were back to love him again.

But I cannot blame this disposition of mine as I was the one to make such a decision that led to my animosity. I could be coy and say your happiness is my happiness, but then I would be nothing more than a liar.

Friday, August 08, 2008

The nature to forgive one’s own has diminished. No more do we care about our fellow man. What is it we are living for? As those that were hold sacred have nothing but forced us to think in an ulterior way. Can we be forgiven to believe that nothing will ever change or is there still hope at the end of the tunnel? Questions that would have both motivated and not so motivated answers.

My mistakes have taken its toll and no more do I believe that any good will come out of it. There will be consequences. Some more complex than others. But will my alter ego allow me to apologize knowing I wasn’t wrong in my perspective? This was the reason I never opened up. This was the reason I kept shut, as most won’t have understood including you. And when I did, what did I get in return? The silent treatment.

Come on girl, I rather here you howl and cry than not your voice at all. It was you who wanted me to show you my dark side rather my weak side. I was washed away one fine morning like I never was there. I am still fornicating here. You were the one who wanted answers. And now that you got them, you don’t want to deal with them anymore. Who am I to tell you this? Well, absolutely nobody. No one at all.

Maybe I was asking for too much cause I thought you wanted to know. Probably I should have left the relationship to bare minimum like I had previously planned to do. It was you who open your soul and desires to me and asked me to do the same. Looks like it backfired. I will never be untrue, never ever treat you mean. But you did. Never cause you any kind of scene.

I don’t need a break from this, as when it lasted it was one of my few better times. I would love for it to go back to the beginning but I know that it just isn’t possible. You are hurt, you say. But, what about me? You didn’t even bother about my feelings. It was like I had none.

The concept of hope is flawed, I had told you once. But you insisted that I fight it on and hoped. All I hoped was you. For you to destroy it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

mixed up rhymes in a state of crime
who were we to stay alive?
they said we were rotten
scum of the earth
to be shattered and spit at
but there was still worse
do we understand?
do we want to understand?
can we care anymore
or will faith just shoot us instead
lines are nothing but lines

Sunday, July 13, 2008

inspirations are bleak.
maybe i need to sleep
cause this line is weak

Thursday, May 01, 2008


X Makeena is one of the few bands in France that is putting their music where there mouth is. They are not happy with the present political situation in France and have mighty strong views against the French Government and the French President that they feel the world needs to know about.
“Lots of people in France start to feel they have been conned. There has been a very large media cover around Sarkozy during the presidential campaign compared to other candidates. He has been elected mainly around a very marketing baseline "Work more to earn more". Just after his elections, the first things he did was, go on holiday on a very luxury yacht belonging to Bolloré, a very big Industrial C.E.O. who offered him these vacations and then he made a big "tax gift" to some of the few richest French citizens for around 1.5 billion euros, adding to which he increased his salary by 180%.”
Now here is the harsh reality
The price of basic food and gas has increased tremendously. Pastas and cereals have almost doubled in 4 months. Funny enough, the price of ham goes up when the price of pork goes down. People earn as much as they used to and they can't buy what they used to!
As for the Media, there is a lot of self-censorship, journalists fear loosing their jobs if they go too far. The larger media conglomerates are very close to the government or personal friends of the president.
“We don't appreciate Sarkozy and the way he leads the country, he doesn't seem to take care of his ministries opinion and is very intrusive and impulsive on their domains. All his "bing-bling lifestyle" (Carla, Jets, Raybans etc) really irritates a lot of French workers who don't see what he promised to them. But the situation is quickly changing these days and there is pressure from both the media and even his party workers.”
They hope this will make him change his behavior.
“ Many people are also worried because he doesn't always seem as psychologically stable has a president should be, he insulted a French citizen a some weeks ago during a public visit and many people felt insulted themselves.”
As for French culture, it is really complex and full of paradoxes: Culture (including TV, cinema, theater, dance) has always been helped by government funds. Concerning music, we have venues called Smac (amplified music venues), which are surviving a lot with the government provided funding and they can risk to program a young band, or underground music.
X Makeena say that in a recent budget, Sarkozy voted to reduce culture spending in all the countryside. Theaters and small stage venues help earn money and provide employment, but people in Paris don't have a clue about that, the huge theaters will still program big plays.
“Also, a lot of local politician thinking on Sarkozy’s lines have started " demolition work" in most of the towns. For example, in our hometown, (Rennes) all the bars who used to hold small concerts are closing one by one (police pressure / neighborhood angry because of the noise) They really want to clean the town centers of all dynamic places like that to keep it quiet, clean and posh. While Rennes has a punk city reputation with many bands and festivals,” said Nico.
There is a special status existing in France: called " Intermittence du spectacle. It's kind of a unemployment help, that you can get if you work a lot as a technician, artist, dancer, comedian. “It's quite hard to get 507 hours of 'official and paid’ work in a period of 10 months. We tour a lot and we only received it two times in 7 years (in the lasts 10 months),” said Stefo.
“This status is quite threatened, and we were sure that Sarko would kill it really quick. It is still existing even if the conditions to get it are getting really tough for young workers.
The reason about that is the media lobby; Sarkozy is good friends with most of the biggest TV channels (TF1 especially who is spreading his propaganda for years) and these channels are hiring most of the workers with that status to pay fewer wages,” adds Stefo.
Most people from other countries especially previous French colonies have migrated and are migrating to France, X Makeena talks about the French Government hypocrisy on this matter.
“There is a big integration problem in France. Migrants have often problems to get a job or a home and are easily harassed by the police in the streets for identity checks. People who work and live in France for years, have a good social integration, and pay their tax but can be dumped if they don't have the French nationality i.e. on the whims and fancies of the government. Many people (especially from north Africa) with a French citizenship have trouble to find their place in French society and feel banned in big building in the suburbs where there is a few social and cultural infrastructures. Some feel really betrayed when their grandparents fought for France during the war, helped to rebuild it after and have to make so many efforts to integrate. The government leads a "chosen immigration policy" that consist of mainly accepting immigrants who have an interesting job for the French economy (Doctors, Programmers etc).”
Usually trying to stay away from religious contradictions, X Makeena point out their view on matters concerning the French policy on excessive show of religion and their viewpoints on that matter.
“It's a very delicate question. Since the French revolution that divided the State and the Catholic Church, there is a very important concept witch is considered as one of the pillar of the French Republic: Laïcité (laicity or "laicism") it's the absence of religious interference in government affairs and government interference in religious affairs. French people suffered from the kings for too long and don't want do live this anymore.
People working for the government and students don't have the right to show their religious beliefs in too obvious ways-- this can be interpreted in different ways, for instance a simple Christian cross on a necklace can be tolerated but wearing a Scarf for Muslims or a Turban for Sikhs at school can lead to a ban from that school.
It's a very complicated issue and it's hard for us to take a position. We are really attached to the concept of Laïcité, which is very important for our democracy and which is endangered these day by our president and in another way,” said X Makeena, all the members agreeing in tandem.
They add that this concept may sound weird to the Indians because they are more religious than the French and can easily and freely follow their beliefs.
X Makeena are here to stay and any restraint would make them come back even harder.
“Sarkozy is slowly killing everything that was good in our country, arts, research, social politic. It's like if we were going back in time, loosing every evolution we gained thanks to big struggles and strikes.. So we see the future in a dark and gloomy way, wondering how shittier our country will be. That's maybe why we are not into love songs that much! If you get informed about what's happening in France and in the world, it's hard not to feel furious and sad about that. The positive point in this approach is that you can turn all those dark ideas into positive energy during the shows: instead of making a realistic and depressing show, we try to use this power to free people from those bad energies,” said Nico confirming their point.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheer up, Son

When will our political leaders stop acting on behalf of the moral brigade? Haven't they got serious business like poverty, inflation and the most important of them all - elections to think about?

Or have they worn out all excuses to bear down on opposition or vice versa. or have they lost it completely. For why would they have a problem with cheerleaders? Do they know, cheerleading is a serious sport? The answer is no.

They say it is vulgar. How does these cheerleaders illustrate any kind of crude notions? It is in the mind of those that look at in such a way. So it's proved now, it is not the pom pom brigade, but the leaders who need to cover up.

For a country's population at over 1.2 billion people, the way everything is looked at in a sexual outlook, is in some uncanny sense applicable. But, then again, we have a tendency of shunning these matters, as they are something evil.

Basic law of nature - a man and a woman procreate, new life is formed. Someone's doing it as you read this.

Vulgarity is what the Navi Mumbai police mentioned should not be publicised by the cheerleaders during the IPL matches at the Dr DY Patil Sports Complex. Instead of shorts, the cheerleaders, dressed in black, wore full-length leggings and tops that were far from revealig. This was vulgar in all sense.

Could we protest against bare chested male cheerleaders if that was to happen?

We saw not cheerleading but more of an aerobic act on the ground for them to be on the safer side of the law.

If aesthetics is what the activists are talking about then let there be a ban on songs like 'Dekhta hai tu kya' from the film Krazzy 4 where Rakhi Sawant has worn nothing left to be imagined.

It is ironic that those who gave away the entertainment licenses for those beautiful girls dancing would have known that such an incident would occur.

Only in India do we see that what is not meant to be projected is first made known in careless glory and then taken away as if there is nothing worse than that.

IPL is not and never will be completely about cricket. If it was then there would and should be no need of those cheerleaders. But as the term coined in recent - Cricketainment, it is an adding factor to the game of T20.

Surprisingly, those who talk about women empowerment in their parties and other forums are mum. Cheers!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

On the foreth day

-Dhruv Tikka

As they frolicked in careless tandem

Only then, did I realize

They were the ones who knew

The rejoice of death

Who were we to shun them?

They were the true believers

But, then they grew up

Now, things have taken a turn

Like never before or after

Alike all, they turned to moaners

Moaners who cried with care

Not was known why though

Did they feel in his despair?

Or cause one bloody day

Some other would do the same

What has become of once cleansed souls?

Do they know what beset upon them?

Have they lost their will to think?

Cause only to a better place

Go the sons of man and beast

Those who pass away joyously

Leave their unbind sins at my feet

Now we go back to before

The children continue to play

Not with themselves, fool

Jumping with joy and no care

They don't remember who died

But for those who moan

They not show their exterior

As when man was alive

You kicked him black and blue

Hey you, yes you in the corner

What good do you bring here?

Hurry, shoo away before he gets you

Dead men walk with a lot of posterior

And the alive with a hunchback terrier

Stop, who goes there?

Shadow of a dead man

Or the alive who tread

Far away, in a distant light

The eyes saw it all

Then again, the eyes those see

Have known to have a stall

I think I have digressed enough

But the point was to be made

For those who mourn the joy of death

Have nothing but remained slaved

You wonder why I tell you this

You wonder, isn't it better to be alive

Yes, ol wicked ones hear me

And hear me loud and clear

In life you can be dead

And in death you can be alive

Will this be your last hurrah?

One last dying wish be said

Would you want them to cry out loud?

At a picture frame hung on cold

Now as I come to a close

Let may say but one thing and only one thing

This life and death is on a roll

Monday, April 21, 2008

Valley of dreams

He started his career from a small club in Kashmir a few years back. Today, he is recognised as one of the valley's top sportspersons and also projected as a future captain for the Indian football team. Mehrajuddin Wadoo, midfielder cum defender talks about his achievements and future plans, in an interview with Dhruv Tikka

Football may not be on the minds of youth in troubled torn Kashmir, but one boy from the beautiful Valley dreamt of making it big in the game that the world loves so much. Meet Mehrajuddin Wadoo.

Mehraj, as he is called by his loved ones, has done something not too many people from the Kashmir valley get the oppurtunity to do so - make a career out of football.

The 24-year-old from Srinagar has not let the violence and misery in his home state affect him and deter his passion for the game that he plays with his heart out.

He has a simple mantra that he follows will complete fullfilment - practice hard, respect your seniors and coaches, take practice sessions seriously and if you are talent and work hard, nothing can stop you from excelling.

He started playing football at a tender age of eight in Srinagar's Rainawari district. His love for football was partly hereditary as his father Mohamed Sultan Wadoo was a noted left-back in Jammu & Kashmir.

Young Mehraj represented Sree Pratap School, Srinagar in the local football tournaments and then played for Amar Singh College, where he took part in several Inter-University tournaments.

As a young lad, he got selected to play for his state U-16 team. Mehraj inspired his U-21 Jammu & Kashmir team to win the North Zone qualifiers and thus enter the All India level.

He was first trained as a striker but when he joined his first club, his position was changed to that of a defender.

From there he has gone on to play in almost all postions in the back line and also as a holding midfileder for both club and country.

Having played more than 30 matches for India at such a young age, Wadoo now looks to cement his place in the Indian national squad and win cups and tournaments.

This long locked boy joined his first club at the age of 12 and won Jammu & Kashmir State League, Sher-e-Kashmir Gold Cup, the Bikaner Trophy etc.

With Sporting Club de Goa, he helped strengthen the Goan club's defense and thus they finished sixth in the NFL.

With Mohun Bagan he won the All Airlines Gold Cup and thereafter he was selected in the national team as a midfielder. With the Mariners, Mehraj won the Federation Cup, Kolkata Premier League and the ONGC Super Cup. With East Bengal FC he won the Federation Cup.

Now he has set his sights on winning the I League.

He is keen to become a complete footballer and his grit and fortitude both on and off the field has made him one of Indian football's rising stars.

Excerpts from the interview

On getting into football

Well, it happened because of my dad, who was a footballer himself. I was inspired by him and he even forced me to play. I am here because of him and my hard work.

The game is in my blood. If I must say, I was born to play the game. I played in the small grounds in Kashmir and from there is where I started.

On playing in war torn Kashmir

Playing football in a place like Kashmir was very difficult. But I wanted to follow my passion and whatever be the reason football came above all for me. The situation was not good in Kashmir but I never missed out practice even during curfews and in difficult times.

All I wanted to do was play football. Another downfall was that the weather is not great for football and it did have an affect on the way we play in the valley.

We can only play in summer in Kashmir as during the winter, the ground is covered with snow rendering it impossible to play on the surface.

Previously, the number of children playing football was a lot less as the game was not so popular, but in recent years the numbers have improved drastically. Children are now seen playing all over the place.

On his football journey so far

It has been a good journey. My first club was Hindustan Aeronautical Limited in Bangalore and then from there I had a stint with ITI Sports Club.

Then I joined Sporting Club de Goa. Since then things have been on the up. My years in Mohun Bagan were also very fruitful where I was even made vice-captain.

It's been two years in East Bengal and I am really enjoying myself.

And the most important thing is I play for my country - A dream come true.

On the ups and downs playing for East Bengal

We had a very good season in 2007. See, there are always ups and downs in football, any sport and even life.

Yes, there was a down problem with an internal controversy with the coach. That is all behind us and we are looking to go on and win matches and tournaments.

We have been doing well in the AFC cup and recently beat Al Wihdat in Jordan. Unfortunately we lost at home against them, but we are on an upward spiral.

In Kolkata, people have an understanding of the game and derby matches can see up to 50,000 to 60,000 people attending the game. This is only possible here and not even in the likes of Goa.

On the upcoming South Asian Football Federation Cup in Maldives and Sri Lanka

It's a huge competition and we are getting ready for it. The team is at a camp in Goa, at the moment and from 50, the coach Bob Houghton will select 36 and from there 26.

But, only 20 would make the squad for Maldives. I know for a fact that everybody in the camp is good enough to be in the squad, but the coach unfortunately has to pick just 20 of us. I am doing well and hopefully my hard work will be rewarded.

On stiff competition in midfield positions for the national squad

There is a tough competition for positions in the squad. When Houghton came I was in the first squad but then I got injured.

It is very difficult to make a come back but I worked hard. Climax Lawrence is one of India's top players and I think NP Pradeep replaced me in the middle of the park. He has done quiet well for himself too.

I do not feel demoralised and just continue to work on my game.

The coach employs a 4-4-2 formation and I am one of the midfielders. But, according to the requirements of a situation one has to play anywhere on the field.

On the first edition of the I League

East Bengal did fairly well, but of course there is always room for improvement. We are looking to win the I League and the players and coaches know what is required.

When you play in Kolkata, be it for the likes of East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and even Mohammadean Sporting, there is a lot of responsibility and pressure on the player cause of the fans love and passion for the club and the game.

At the moment the players are all resting and rightfully so, it was long and hard season and everyone does get stressed.

I am all focussed on the next seaon but before the national duty at the South Asian Fedeartion Cup would be top priority.

On his most memorable moment

The goal in the finals of the South Asian Football Federation Cup in Pakistan against Bangladesh is truly the most memorable moment in my career.

Bhaichung laid the ball for me just outside the box and I volleyed the ball into the opposition's net.

I was on cloud nine that evening.

On players he admires nationally and internationally

If it has to be an Indian, then undoubtedly my pick would be Mahesh Gawli. He is a true professional and one of India's best defenders of the present day.

Internationally, I would go for John Terry from Chelsea FC and England. He is quiet an inspiration for most defenders.

On his ultimate dream

Playing football was a dream and now I have achieved it by playing for my country and some of India's top clubs.

At the moment, playing at the Mecca of Indian football in Kolkata for East Bengal.

When I was a young boy in Kashmir, all I wanted to do was play for my country. That does not mean I am completely satisfied as I have big dreams for my self - I want to play in the Spanish La Liga.

As I said, there is always room for improvement and for that I am willing to put my best foot forward to reach my goals. Only hard work and sheer determination can help me do that.

On his favourite foreign club

I like how Arsenal play their football. I am big fan of the London club and Arsene Wenger. I usually try and catch all their matches.

They got out of the Champions League recently but in my opinion they are a very good young squad who would do very well in the future.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's have breakfast, all day

Okay, so Belgian Leonidas Chocolates have nothing to do with Cocoa by Belgiue at Select City Walk Mall apart from the Belgian parallel but this European Café's wooden décor gives the same tranquil feel.
With an "all day breakfast" option, you can enjoy a light bite anytime of the day or dig into the vast range of appetising breakfast choices that include classic combos, country combos, American breakfast complete with sausages, bacon, fried eggs, hash brown, American corn et al. The omelette menu has a range of ham and cheese omelettes, French omelettes, Spanish omelettes, masala omelettes et al.
"The all day breakfast concept was Sailesh Podar's (co-owner) brainchild. We thought that not too many places had this concept and therefore it would be our niche," said co-owner Anshul Lal.
On being asked how the name Cocoa by Belgique came upon, Lal said, "Our parent company is Belgian Chocolatiers and we were looking to diversify. In fact, all the breads here come from our own bakery."
Though, near empty with more attendants than those at the tables, the café cum restaurant gave a sense of blankness. Sensing that, Lal said that the place got occupied in the late evenings and ran full house on the weekends. "The customers are very pleased that we have opened up the new avatar in Delhi. A lot of people come here on Sundays for brunch. They like the sandwiches with a cold glass of beer," he added.
On the food side of things, it was just right. The classic combo breakfast did not disappoint and was just le parfait, both in taste and quantity. "You must try our spicy chicken schnitzel burger. It's our specialty," Lal said
If there was a snag, it would be the pricing with a meal costing around Rs 600 per person excluding the alcohol. But, as Lal put it, "We are looking to cater to an up market society."
Frankly though, the prices were a bit too steep and not something that would fit most budgets. A more once in a while jaunt.
Open from 10 in the morning to midnight, the choice of music that boomed out of the jukebox featured from the classic hits of the 60s and 70s. "A lot of Elvis, good old rock and roll, et al is what we play here. We have now gone forward to the 80s and 90s too. But the soothing sounds and not the dance music," he quipped. They even have a live jazz artist on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Where were the swings?

this is was my write up on a field trip a while back , you see i left out the joint and rum part ;)

Okay, so lets get over with the necessary aspects of the Suraj Kund Mela--over priced, over hyped, over twaddle, over exhausting piece of the bottom of your sole. Too harsh eh? Well don’t expect a false pretence on something that was blue-blooded crap.

It was better last time someone said; well in that case someone should learn how the downward spiral works form the organizers this year. The entrance was marked by two working tractors facing each other, maybe that were for the frustrated to run through the mela.

I need bangles, chappals, saris, bags that I would never use, statues that would never come handy and paintings that I never understand—all cause it is cool to be at the mela and buy out of your pocket for something that would cost you a dime less on the outside.

A positive, if one must say would be allowing such craft artistry to come under one roof for the people to explore the diversity of the country and values that have been embarked in our society. But, that in no ay shows the actual plethora of goodness but just an infinitesimal stagnant quantity. Was there enough sale, how many got ripped off, who make on top – the bargainer or the bargainee--questions that have answers nobody cared about.

How much for this file, I asked. “200 rupees only, sir,” said the stall keeper. Now why would I pay Rs 200 for something that would have cost me half the price on the outside and even half of the cost for him to make that file…if that is not being ripped off, what is? Yes, I understand that sometimes sentiments do come into place but would he (the file maker) do the same if the roles were reversed?

The pleasantries in the morning frost made it an eventful journey as the best part of the bus trip was the bus trip, in itself.

"Rock-a-bye Baby"

Music has been around for thousands of years, it appeals to everyone. When was the last time you have heard someone say, "I hate all music" Lately though music has been criticized for corrupting teen's minds.

Metal is being blamed for giving teens only dark images and thoughts in their minds. Although the media and public criticize metal and rock music and blame the music for influencing teens negatively, they actually give many teenagers an outlet from their life problems.

Today’s Rock music is a lot different then it was 40 years ago. The topics they sing about are different as well as the sound of the music and, lyrics. People thought that listening to rock gave you an attitude of rebellion.
Even when the lyrics weren’t in any way obscene people had that negative attitude towards the music and today people still have that some attitude about rock. Only now, that rock has changed a vast amount a person’s attitude.

Beneath misconceptions attached to rock music, lies the truth. In a recent unpublished survey, results showed that the majority of people, a mixture of different age groups and genre listeners, disagree that rock music has had any positive influences that outweigh the negative.. Through lack of analyzing, many judge rock music without ever knowing the truth about it. Those that do not understand the genre may blame it for everything that is wrong with today.

Rock music is not to blame for the darkness in our society; instead, it leads us away from it. It has many positive influences that cannot be seen at a quick glance. Not only has rock affected individuals but society and time altogether. Rock music has had positive influences that stretch across the messages it conveys, its therapeutic values, the media, race, and gender.
Rock music is a powerful tool, fueled by the positive messages it carries.

Rock music has been known as a form of expression over the years. Despite its sometimes negative and defiant lyrics, rock is a form of art that allows one to release his/her feelings through singing in an expressive tone. I personally don’t see problem with people expressing their emotions and that is in part why I don’t agree with a few people stating that, rock is a popular culture that aims downward in terms of class and age instead of aiming up.

I feel that everyone should have a way of expressing themselves in any way or art form that they feel is necessary. Rock music is just a form of letting people let out their anger and aggression and not hold it inside. I’d rather see our society release our troubles in a musical form rather than in a violent one.

Rock on

Friday, April 04, 2008

Mind over machine

There has always been a manifestation of expression but never a thing that could be defined. X Makeena members tell Dhruv Tikka that they want their music to change this perception
If you thought The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus signified Absurdism then welcome to the sounds and illustrations of X Makeena who are absurdity personified. Although nothing short of virtuosic, the guys form Rennes, France blew away the minds and souls of those who came to see them perform at the Ashok Theatre.
When I first heard about these guys, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to be there for the show. For a rock lover, hip-hop and techno wasn't of much relevance. Mind you as a lover of sound, I wasn't missing the opportunity to experience something like this. As things would go with melodic motions, the hint of disillusionment left me and the sounds of Nico's machine took me to an elevated level.Music sitting down was never my thing and as time grew I rose to the occasion and my feet swayed till I could sway no more. Okay, so am getting corny here but then again I like corn (now where is that smirk smiley when I need one). The band comprises Nico on machines, Stefo on bass guitar and bass synthesisers, Says on vocals and beat box with Vicking on the same and Karlton on beat box and performances.Here are a part of their lyrics that would make you understand where they come from.The skull grossly inflated By instinct superiority abused. He walks upright to appear bigger, Still playing dominant male. Here is the man, this kid spoiled, in the flesh. Became a feared predator because of anger and pathos. A genius at the thought that tarnished, From the top of its laurels, rebelance the blame on others. Lunatique, rather a natural arrogant.With lyrics you can see that does not go down the same line as most of the hip-hop artists of today, the band talks about things as they see, the modern day reality and cruelty in which we live."We don't write about cheerful, happy things because that's not the state of the world today. Sarkozy is slowly killing everything that was good in our country... It's like if we are going back in time, losing every evolution we gained thanks to big struggles and strikes. We see the future in a dark and gloomy way, wondering how shittier our country will be. That's maybe why we are not into love songs that much! With what's happening in France and in the world, it's hard not to feel furious and sad about it," said Nico. Stefo though added the positive point in this approach is that you can turn all those dark ideas into positive energy during the shows instead of making them realistic and depressing, trying to use the power to free people from bad energies.The band came together in Rennes, France, in 2000, taking their name from the Latin phrase deus ex machina (god out of a machine) and using everything from trashcans to sound software to make music. But it wasn't before 2004 they released their debut album, Death on a Wax. Recognition came with the second album Instinctive Derive (2007) and the group has now looks to further their world fanfare. Sounded with a blend of hip-hop, drum, bass and dub, and coupled with their concept performances that is forerun by Karlton who sets up for the viewing pleasure or rather shock and awe of the audiences that is out of a science fiction novel."I use props and costumes like gas masks and elephant pants to create an atmosphere that is in sync with the music. With every show, we keep developing the look, the lights and the stagecraft, and the audience loves it," says Karlton.X Makeena says it isn't a slave to retail demands. "There is also big questions about the music industry with the downloading problem, an underground band like us can't survive anymore with the CD sales while we could have 15 years ago. We are lucky to have a reputation of showmen, and to be invited to many concerts cause otherwise we would have to find alternative jobs. Unfortunately, it's not the same for all the genius record producers that don't often play live."The group members also say they are influenced by books like 1984, The Best of the Worlds and movies like Welcome to Gattacca. "Those books were science fiction a few years ago but the near future seems to take that direction. That's why we try to do something similar, using images, metaphors, narration of imaginary characters in a future world," said Stefo.The band is looking to develop a parallel system of music production out of all this waste of money. "We want people to be aware about that so that they can choose the way they support bands. We are working with a small label near Rennes called Foutadawa. Instead of signing with a big label in Paris, they choose to buy a lot of gears, to build a studio in order to be totally independent and help young bands like us to produce an album themselves and to consider the music business in an intelligent way avoiding to waste thousands of euros in music magazine advertisements," said Nico.

Friday, March 14, 2008


The wind blow across my face,
But still I stand tall with your grace
Where were you that bloody day?
When I needed you to stay
Hope has kept me alive; Sorrow will bring me a knife
Maybe trying so hard should have come easier
I talk about death because I want to live,
Live till death takes me away
No idea why I tell you this
Just false sense of hope and nothing more

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ze Beast

In darkness I sought thee
Only to be left disdain
Dungeons of darkness
Sea emoted in black
Cruelty and the Beast
Somewhere I wait
Not but self destruction
Spirits have but fled
Left me lying in despair
Cruelty and the beast
In omegic sacrifice
Drifted aches wait
Broken scurries lead me to
Cruelty and the beast
Future of burning sly
The red drips through my vein
Until I drop dead upon
Cruelty and the beast

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Who sows the grim reaper?

Nights of shelter has become an undying locale feeling coldness risen upon the vagueness of my moist soul.No commitments upon my robust shoulder still the pain continues. Is there no peace that i can ponder upon.....self destruction seems to be the only clear answer.Death upon my bidders i say to thee. Time elapsed and me clinching the dirt on the ceiling.

happy days are here to stay,touche !

Monday, November 19, 2007